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Entrepreneurs are great at dealing with uncertainty

“Many years ago we would advise patients to eat a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet to reduce their risk of coronary heart disease. This theory has now been disproven. Now the research shows that a Mediterranean diet, complete with extra-virgin olive oil and nuts is associated with a reduced risk of major cardiovascular events. I now tell patients not to worry about avoiding cholesterol, and to eat plenty of healthy fats.

You should only need two sheets of paper for your talent review discussion – a P x P chart and a succession chart. Those meticulously prepared employee profiles are unnecessary unless there are new team members. Managers should be able to discuss the relevant parts of their employees’ backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses without the crutch of a profile. Plus, it’s unlikely you’ll need to reference where Suzy got her degree or her 2010 performance rating in the talent review meeting. If you do, you can always look it up later.

Performance reviews aren’t negotiations so why require employees to write a carefully crafted argument for their side? The dirty little secret in most companies is that the performance ratings are assigned far before employees write their self-review. They think that it matters; you know it doesn’t.

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