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The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity

We all love to discover new places to eat out. But what can we learn about a cafe or a restaurant from its website? Location? Obviously. Menu and cuisine? Definitely. But shouldn’t there be more to it? How do we get absolutely positive that if we choose this restaurant, we’re going to have a terrific time there? A top restaurant website would help convincing a great deal.

For me as web designer, a restaurant website is a reflection of quality of its food and service. A poorly designed or mediocre website will not give that restaurant’s potential clients the feeling that the place is good to visit. How many times did we find ourselves browsing around the local places to eat, and screening the options out because of poor restaurant web design? How often have we seen a website for restaurant loading slowly, displaying improperly or having unappetizing visuals?

In this article, I’ve gathered a dozen of examples of well-designed and yummy-looking websites of the small local restaurants around the world. These best food websites design examples surely did make me want to spend an evening at the places they represent.


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